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Top Reasons to Give Ice Prints as a Wedding Gift

Posted on June 6, 2016 by iceprints


A wedding is a very special occasion and one of the most important events in a person’s life. It takes thought and planning to purchase just the right gift. Ice Prints are a great way to show the happy couple that you care enough to buy something that they will cherish forever. Here are some of the top reasons to give ice prints as a wedding gift:

Preserve memories

As exciting as a wedding day is, some things can be forgotten as years go by; small details like the caterer running out of condiments, or the DJ not having the wedding song ready will pale in comparison to the memories the couple has of each other. Every time they look at the glass etched photo of their wedding day, they will be reminded of their love and affection for each other. Personalized ice prints can make memories even more special.

Give to the children

Ice prints will be a cherished memory for the happy couple, but will also act as a special memento for children. No one lives forever, and personalized ice prints can be an invaluable part of their inheritance; much more than money or real estate.

Unique gift

Even if a couple has a bridal registry, it’s best to give a gift that is as unique as they are. How many sets of dishes can one couple use? If you want to give something truly special that they will forever cherish, ice prints are the perfect solution. They likely won’t get more than one, and you can have their photo etched onto an ice print and personalize it with their names, and their wedding date. No matter where they display it in their home, it’s sure to get noticed.

Will last a lifetime

Unlike traditional photos that are placed in a scrapbook or photo album, glass photo etchings will not fade, tear, or fold. They are memories that will last a lifetime and will be displayed with pride, generation after generation. How wonderful is it to know that their great-grandchildren will know what they looked like?

Show you care

When you give ice prints as a wedding gift, you are saying, “I care about you” in a unique way. You are letting the couple know that they are special to you and that you took time and care in choosing just the right gift for them. A wedding gift shouldn’t be about going from store to store trying to find the most expensive item; it should be about buying gifts that have been well thought out and will reflect the care put into the gift.

Regardless of whether the couple you’re buying for are close friends, acquaintances, or family members, a personalized ice print make an ideal gift. It will be proudly showcased in the couple’s home and they may even add to the collection over the years, with pictures of their children, pets, and special events. Never underestimate the power of a photo, it can be a reminder of great memories and great friends and family.

Ice Prints can help you with all of your wedding gift needs. Visit the site today to view their selection of products.

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