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Top 5 Tips for Capturing Those Candid Shots at Family Gatherings

Posted on November 17, 2016 by iceprints

Family Gathering

Halloween is right around the corner, and following close behind will be Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is the time of year when families gather to eat, drink, and just spend time together. For the budding photographer, or the seasoned one, it’s also the time snap family photos for the album or to create an Ice Print to be immortalized in glass or on a gorgeous slate. However, there are times when catching shots at a family gathering can be a little hard to do, with the hustle and bustle, fun and laughter of the holiday.

Let Them Know You will be Taking Pictures

At every family gathering, there is a photographer. At the beginning of the gathering, let your family know that you will be taking photos and to act naturally. There will be some people that want to avoid the camera and still others that want to showboat for the camera. Warn against doing either, so that you can get the best shots possible without posing.

Stay in the Background

Now that you have warned the family that you are going to be taking pictures stay in the background to get your shots. Being right there in their faces will make a lot of people uncomfortable, and you won’t ever get the shots you need. Stand in the background and catch the shots as they come.

Spend Some Time in the Kitchen

More and more these days, the family gathers in the kitchen more than anywhere else. If you want to catch your family at their most natural, try hanging out in the kitchen to catch those candid shots You’ll be glad that you did. Besides, the kitchen is a lot more relaxed than the dining room could ever be. You will catch better shots and perfect memories in the kitchen.

Don’t Forget the Close-up’s

While you want the photos to be candid, you also want as many close-ups’s as you can get as well. You want to be able to see the smiles on your family’s faces and the light and excitement in their eyes while they are having fun gathering with family and friends.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Remember that you gather with your family during the holidays to be cheerful and have fun. You also got into photography because it’s your passion and you enjoy doing it as well. So, don’t forget to have fun with the pictures you take. After all, that’s what family gatherings at the holidays are all about. Taking pictures is important, having fun while taking them is even more important as well.

These are just a few of the tips that you can follow to get those candid family shots at your family gatherings this holiday season. For information, on how to immortalize those pictures as well, contact the professionals at Ice Prints today. Remember, your photos are going to be memories for a lifetime, do them the right way.

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